Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ban Had Song Khwae Homestay

Classified by Outstanding Characteristics:
Other (Culture and nature)

Standard :

Interesting for homestay :

Riverside community

Historic Background /Outstanding characteristics :

The predecessors of Ban Had Song Khwae were gathered as captives from Vientian, Laos, at the time of King Rama III of Thailand afther defeating Chao Anuwongs’ rebels in 1801. The origin of the village’s name was from the two rivers, Nan and Klong Tron, joining near the site of the village where a sand ridge was formed and it was used as a camping area for boatmen that came through the village.

Activity :
• Observe the life of the villagers of Ban Had Song Khwae.
• Folk Culture Museum
• Two-Colored River
• Processed food products
• Eagle wood essential oils production

Product :

Place Number : 5 Place
People Count : 10 people
People Price : 150 Bath/people
Food Price : 50 Bath/people

Service Other :

Contact : Sanit Dipetch
Address : 52 Moo 1, Tambon Had Song Khwae, Amphoe Tron, Uttaradit 53140
Tel Home : 055-496-062
Tel Mobile : 084-505-4672
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